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The basic steps you’ll need to do, to get your site up and running are:

1) Go to http://inspectorpages.com/signup, and create your account

2) Once you receive your confirmation email, go to your account by following the link. You can see how to log-in to your account here: http://support.inspectorpages.com/getting-started/logging-in-control-panel

3) After that, you may want to link a website name you’ve purchased from somewhere like GoDaddy.com, to your Inspector Pages website. Here’s how to do that: http://support.inspectorpages.com/dns/linking-purchased-web-address-inspector-pages-website

4) Okay, now you’ll want to give your website a style/look. Find out here: http://support.inspectorpages.com/themes/step-selecting-layout

5) Next, you’ll probably want to edit and customise some of the content. Go ahead and learn how, here: http://support.inspectorpages.com/getting-started/editing-sites-content

6) How about adding a photo of yourself to the site, for that personal touch? Here’s how: http://support.inspectorpages.com/getting-started/adding-photo-website

7) Now, let’s change the banner (header) text and image! http://support.inspectorpages.com/themes/editing-banner-images-text

New videos are added regularly! Please check back often!